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Book Review time: 3F – Future Fintech Framework

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In January 2021, Kartik Swaminathan, who is the Fintastech.in Founder, has published a book by the name of 3F – Future Fintech Framework. It could be interpreted as a response to the increased interest to the sector of fintech, that is the result of many factors, the ongoing digitalization and the pandemic for example. The StartUps like Revolut, Klarna or Stripe have done their fair share of work too, as they started redefining how traditional banking looks for customers. Kartik noticed the lack of sustainable framework and simplified set of rules that would help others realize how much disruption there is in the global sector of Fintech.

Disruption Banking managed to speak to Kartik, who happily shared details about his new book, and also revealed some background of the whole project. At the end of this article, you will find a link to the original piece written by Andy Samu. Enjoy!

Kartik suggests that the application of modern technology to the conventional banking, Insurance, Investment, and financial services’ world has been tightly connected to fintech. In the last years, the sector has expanded impressively, and has incorporated many upon many of modern solutions, such as the internet, social media, and the digital world as a whole. We are also noticing an impressive growth of its size and the range of application.

The fintech solutions have been gradually becoming parts of our everyday lives, and most of the society does not even know about how revolutionary some of the implementations are. We are speaking of completely remodeled mechanisms of receiving and sending payments, but also the services like borrowing, donating, securing, purchasing, and even bill payments. And there is really much more to this, than we can even list here. With the crazy pace of innovation in the fintech field, we are constantly flooded with innovation, revolutionary approaches and visionary experts. And what is even crazier than this pace, is the fact that very often they are right.

Kartik’s mission

On the other hand, the inexperienced customers may become victims of their own lack of knowledge. With more and more digital wallets digital (or even robotic) advisors, payment app, neo banks and so on, people need to understand more nuances. Firstly, so that they can use these services with proper approach, and secondly, so that they do not fall into any financial trap. Fintechs are adding more convenience to the financial services and offer products that indeed change the banking and investing game. The experience is now much more rewarding, with various benefits and enhanced range of choices for the people.

This would not be possible without major developments of technology regarding finance, and the whole StartUp ecosystem, alongside the regulatory approach of the governments. This is an evolution that requires carefulness, as it is still full of challenges and pitfalls. This is much needed, that the system becomes more transparent for everyone, not only the experts who build it.

That is why we are seeing Swaminathan’s efforts of explaining all these to the wider publicity. And that is why he chose to write his book, so that people are aware of all the details, while entering the world of fintech. This is much needed, especially in times, when a lot of them will be trying to catch up, should they discover the inevitability of the fintech solutions.

When the book was published, Kartik became yet another fintech ‘influencer’ who have decided to share their knowledge with people. Before him, we could read the works of Chris Skinner (the author of Digital Human, Doing Digital, and Digital Bank), Brett King (the author of Bank 4.0), or Susanne Chishti (The Paytech Book editor). Has Kartik’s 3F book lived up to the acclaim? Discover it yourself, but first, join Disruption Banking.

Just like we promised, if you’re interested in getting to know more about the book itself, as well as finding the fascinating interview with its author, Kartik Swaminathan, use the following link to access the Disruption Banking piece by Andy Samu: https://disruptionbanking.com/2021/06/02/3f-future-fintech-framework-book-review/.

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